MediaTek’s annual revenue will exceed 10 billion U.S. dollars for the first time in 2020

MediaTek Chairman Cai Mingjie was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Contribution Award for the 40th Anniversary of Zhuke. In his speech, Tsai Mingjie said that the 40th anniversary of Zhuke’s establishment, during which Zhuke faced various challenges, by this year, China’s Taiwan’s semiconductor production value has become the world’s second largest; at the same time, MediaTek’s annual revenue this year will also The first breakthrough of US$10 billion shows that the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, China has indeed grown greatly, and MediaTek’s position in the global semiconductor industry has also been greatly improved. He also hopes that more people will be able to invest in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry in the future.


This year’s performance growth is mainly due to 5G. This year is the first year of 5G. MediaTek has launched 5G mobile phone chips including Dimensity 1000, Dimensity 820, Dimensity 800, Dimensity 800U, Dimensity 720 and Dimensity 700, covering high-end products. , Mid-end and entry markets, driving the company’s outstanding operating performance.


It is worth mentioning that MediaTek’s performance this year will also benefit from Huawei/Honor. In the second half of the year, MediaTek has received a large number of orders for Huawei phones. In 2021, it may further supply independent Honor phones. In 2019, MediaTek’s total revenue was NT$246.2 billion (approximately US$8.16 billion). This year’s US$10 billion means that revenue has increased by more than 20%, which is much higher than last year’s 3.4% increase. MediaTek’s turnaround will finally come true in 2020.


Industry insiders pointed out that among the global IC design vendors, only Qualcomm, Broadcom and Nvidia have the ability to cross the threshold of “annual revenue of tens of billions of dollars” in the past. Therefore, “annual revenue of tens of billions of dollars” has been regarded by the industry as “natural insurance”.


The rapid growth of performance in 2020 is derived from the overall progress of MediaTek in smart phones, tablet computers, routers, smart TVs and other fields. Among them, the smart phone business is the most eye-catching. Previously, MediaTek released the Dimensity 700, the newest member of the Dimensity series of 5G chips. This is a 7nm process-oriented chip for mid-range 5G mobile phones that supports 5G dual carrier aggregation (2CC5G-CA) and 5G dual card dual standby (DSDS), and faster and clearer 5GVoNR voice services. Dimensity 700 uses an eight-core CPU architecture, including two large-core ArmCortex-A76, with a main frequency of up to 2.2GHz.


It is expected that for MediaTek, in the 5G era, the mobile phone chip market is only the number one hurdle, including more applications such as laptops and the Internet of Things, and it is also an important market that can bring more diversified product portfolios and revenues in the future.

Post time: Aug-10-2021

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